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Monster Consultancy Services

Elevate your productivity by using our consulting solutions!
  • Dedicated specialists help you out
    with your recruitment processes
  • Hire easily and faster
  • Save time in your sourcing processes

Discover our Talent Consulting Services

Do you recognize this?
  • “I needed someone yesterday, but I am so busy with other things that I do not find the time to start searching for a suitable candidate.”
  • “Screening incoming reactions takes an awful lot of time. I would prefer to focus on a limited selection of qualified candidates.”
  • “Often, I don’t even find the time to respond to all incoming candidacies, while I know very well this has a negative impact on my employer brand.”
  • “Is my vacancy well written?”
  • “How do I reach my target group the most optimal way?”
  • “I’m getting very low response on a classic job ad.”

Entrust your vacancy to our experienced Talent Consultants.
They will take a lot of work out of your hands, so that you save valuable time and can focus on your most important and core tasks.

What can we help you with?
  • Optimization of your job descriptions – so that they are more visible and easily found online (SEO) and so that they are attractive for potential candidates
  • Relevant & targeted reach for your vacancies on Monster and our external network of partner sites (CAN) – so that your target group enlarges by also reaching passive seekers
  • Mix of multimedia solutions – to reinforce your employer brand
  • Flexible use of our visibility tools - to maximize response
  • Active searching for qualified candidates
  • Screening and qualification of candidates
  • Releave administrative workload

Check out what our customers are saying.

Try it now with our “Full Service Posting” below:

Promotion Service Expertise

The full service posting for 60 days for only 900€

Includes an ad posted 60 days
Internet fee, available for an internet order.

If you want more info on our products , please contact your consultant on 0800/77421.


Wanted Profile: Logistic Coordinator
"As an international company, it is hard to find the right service in each country, Monster was able to post my job opportunity in the countries needed. The job was online very quickly and we got a lot of response. For our new search we added the option "Resume Screening" (i.e. Candidate Management) as this saves us a lot of time and work hours."

Gemini Corporation NV — Ram Prajapati, HR Manager, GEMINI CORPORATION NV

"I would recommend the Monster Team to anyone looking for new employees. They have been able to understand our request and orient us to the best solution in our niche market. I appreciated their reactivity and creativity. There was always someone to help, guide and in fact... even do the job for you by putting the adds online, adapting these to the right HR terminologies and even proactively doing focus niche mailings! Thanks for your professionalism."

Gemini Corporation NV — Caroline De Vos, Founder & COO, SatADSL-Broadband Satellite in Sub-Saharan Africa

"We recently decided to test the effectiveness of Monster and were pleasantly surprised both by their service-oriented attitude and by the good level of visibility they gave our advertisement. Their flexibility in terms of distribution channels enabled us to attract a large number of applications in a short period of time. This particular recruitment process is nearly complete now, but we will certainly call on Monster’s services again in future."

Data Translations International nv/SA — Ania Barbé, Managing Director, Data Translations International nv/SA

0800 77 421