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Job Postings

Monster's Job Posting solutions are fast and easy! We'll give you the tools to connect with qualified candidates immediately.

For 10 years, Monster has offered the world’s most effective online hire solutions and operates in more than 50 countries. Your job is online within 1 hour and will be displayed in your region or international.

The benefits of job postings

  • Free company logo on your job ad
  • Fast and flexible hiring - your job is online within the hour
  • Save on your recruitment expenses - posting your jobs online is a lot less expensive and more efficient than using magazine or newspaper ads
  • National and international - in more than 50 countries
  • Your job is online for a period of 60 days
  • Automatic reply letter
  • Add screening questions
  • Professional service - our Customer Service can be reached on 0800 77 421 from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm on workdays
  • Easy purchase, payment via credit card of invoice
  • Looking for a student or an intern? Hire them through Monster

Monster CAN

1 job credit - connect with qualified candidates within the hour
1 Career Ad Network unit - your job ad on a network of 100 frequently visited sites

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Important for online job posting

People read less online than offline. The first paragraph is quickly scanned and then they decide to continue reading or not. Therefore it is important to explain immediately what you have to offer.

  1. Use keywords in your job title for an appealing and findable job ad
  2. The first 200 characters of your job description are also shown on the job result page: make your intro appealing to candidates
  3. Describe 1 item per paragraph
  4. One paragraph shouldn't be longer than 5 lines
  5. Set out your structure:
    • Job description
    • Role responsibilities
    • Job offer
    • If desired: a link to your web site
    • Contact information
    • A short description of your company (product range, culture, seize, etc
  6. Use bullet points
  7. Avoid doubt: formulate clear and specific requirements to candidates
  8. Use keywords: which keywords will a job seeker use when searching for a job?
  9. Keep your job text short and concise: ideally your text is about 1 A4 (500 words)

    1. For more tips and information about international hire call our free number 0800 77 421.

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"We are a company specialized in data cabling, telephone and IT consultancy. We successfully searched an ICT Account Manager via Monster. Monster helped us very fluently and professionally. This resulted in us finding our ICT Account Manager thanks to Monster".
— Koen Verstraeten, Zaakvoerder, Guana Network Architects BVBA, Scherpenheuvel.
"Mood Media, world market leader for instore media solutions, only wants to work with the best people if it comes to human capital. Therefore Monster is today without any doubt our preferred partner and the only organization that meets our requirements if it comes to hiring sales potentials: they have a strong customer focus, are well organized and have a proactive approach. They don’t only know who we are, but also who we want to become.”
—Johan Van Dyck, Country Manager Belgium,

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