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Why work with Monster?

To be the best, you have to find the right talent, for the right opportunity, at the right time. Monster takes you to wherever interesting candidates are. We are happy to help you find the right talent through the web, mobile and social media.

Reach on Monster

High and relevant reach, with a broad candidate mix. On average 430.000 job seekers per month visit our site and we have more than 200.000 active CV’s that range from student to executive.

More and better matches

On average a job posting has 185 views. Some types of candidates are harder to find and less active. You can reach them by using our Monster Career Ad Network technology, that shows your job as a banner on popular sites. On average, this increases the number of job views to 376.

Reach outside Monster

You also reach job seekers when they are not on Monster. Reach them on BeKnown, the free social media upgrade for your job posting. Job seekers can search, find and apply to your job posting by using our iPhone, iPad and Android App.


You benefit from years of experience we gained from helping thousands of customers. With a variety of online tutorials you will learn how to find the right candidate even faster.

Useful tools

A wide range of tools are available to organize your hiring processes, such as: our candidate management system, auto-reply letters, CV and company reports.

Helpful customer service

Our Customer Service representatives are happy to help you. Call 0800 - 77 421 (free) or email us.

Start using Monster today!

As a Monster customer you can use all these options at no additional cost! Take a look at our introduction packages to see what offers we have for you.

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